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While the majority of our guests are active and abundantly successful within the financial markets, past performance does not indicate future results.Trading carries a high level or risk and you could potentially loose your entire investment. (Chatbooks), we recognize the sensitivity of the confidential information that you share with our service, and we are firmly committed to protecting your privacy.Your personal information belongs to you alone, and we do not make any claims to own it when you share it with us. We are vigilant about preventing unauthorized people from gaining access to it.

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We do not permit the inclusion of hyperlinks in comments and may remove any comment that includes a hyperlink.Credit Cards » EMV Chip Cards - US warms up to EMV credit cards The days of the credit card's magnetic stripe appear numbered, with special-chip, or EMV, credit cards poised to immigrate onto America's payments landscape.EMV-enabled cards, named for developers Europay, Master Card and Visa, have an embedded microprocessor chip that encrypts transaction data differently for each purchase. In August, Visa announced several initiatives to encourage retailers to accept EMV-enabled cards.To meet these tough requirements borrowers have had to become savvy and get their finances in order well before they apply for a mortgage.

Most brokers recommend that this is done at least three months before lodging an application, but it can pay to change your spending habits up to a year in advance. Put all expenditure, except things that cost extra if you pay by credit card, on a credit card (preferably one that gives you cashback or some other incentive) and pay it off in full each month.

This policy explains our information gathering and dissemination practices.