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06-Aug-2017 05:38

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This makes sense: the websites want you to find a mate so that their success ratings go up.

If you lie, it's unlikely that any subsequent relationship will end up flourishing.

Singles now draw on a growing arsenal of security and research tools -- from services that verify identity and background to companies that provide temporary phone numbers as a barrier to stalkers.

Sites like Dont Date Him allow scorned lovers to warn others away from their bad dates.

The bigger lies are the ones that can really get you into trouble.

For example, pretending that you are single and looking for love online when you are, in fact, married.

These include a charming personality, Leonardo Di Caprio–level looks, a slick wardrobe, or a killer apartment.

But O’Toole warns us not to be fooled: “All those are superficial and in no way indicative of their character.” Lucky for us, you don’t need to be an FBI special agent to find any (possible) skeletons in the closet.

And that was when she saw it: “This uber cute guy I had a date with IN TWO DAYS had robbed a bank less than a year ago.” But she’s not the only one who’s had close shaves - a few months ago a friend was set to go out with a Tinder date when she googled him and found out he’d nearly gone to prison for glassing someone in a club two years earlier.

Similarly, last November the Metropolitan Police reported that they'd seen a 2000 per cent rise in the number of crimes involving Tinder and Grindr since 2012.