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23-Jul-2017 19:24

At 4pm, we headed to a local cafe to warm up, then three of us strolled over to the nearby Oxford Union for the award ceremony.

Ray Mc Govern The award ceremony was hosted by Ray Mc Govern, ex-CIA officer and Sam Adams Associate, who offered many thoughtful reflections during the evening.

A student who’s researching privacy and the internet lamented the eagerness of people to give up their privacy (when offered a couple of pounds to do so in a research exercise).

A dozen foreign students stopped by to ask what we were doing and all left wearing stickers, another passer-by put one on his bike and we were interviewed by the local Cherwell student newspaper.

One man described how his best friend had spent 14 years in the military, including the SAS, and now struggles to live with the atrocities he committed under government orders.In a nutshell, this book provides 10 fun and innovative relationship-building dates for engaged couples and others who are dating seriously.Sprinkled throughout are the authors' own personal experiences as well as stories from the many couples with whom they have worked who wanted to build a loving, lasting marriage.Mc Govern began by speaking about his late work colleague Sam Adams, an intelligence analyst who had discovered that the US government was deliberately and seriously underestimating the number of Vietnamese troops in an effort to obscure the truth that the Vietnam war wasn’t winnable.

Adams at first spoke up only within the system but later regretted that he had not spoken out publicly sooner.The second part of the book is a personal dating guide and each of the ten dates correspondes with one of the themes of the book.

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