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01-Aug-2017 16:40

The sting was reportedly planned for the last three months, after a man in custody for online distribution of child pornography signed an agreement to help find additional suspects.

The police were then able to penetrate chat rooms and forums frequented by pedophiles, and a policewoman posed online as a 12-year-old girl (and in some cases as a boy) to lure some of the men to a physical location, ostensibly for sex, but in reality to face arrest.

This article about the non-existent Bill Clinton “secret rape video” is just another fake “Sorcha Faal” report that weaves actual events into fabricated narratives of ominous political happenings: Sorcha Faal is the alleged author of an ongoing series of “reports” published at What Does It, whose work is of such quality that even other conspiracy nutters don’t think much of it.

Each report resembles a news story in its style, but usually includes a sensational headline barely related to reality (e.g.

The indictment suggests that Nahum, 25, maintained online relationships with underage girls on the "Shox" chat site, posing as a 15-year-old, over the course of four years. He asked some of the girls to turn on a webcam and instructed them on how to touch their bodies while he watched.

In two cases, Nahum is suspected of blackmailing 12-year-old girls with threats that he would post nude photos of them online if they didn't comply with his demands – turn on a camera and do as instructed.

The “Operation Hunter’s Network” identified dozens of accounts on social networks, such as Facebook, which operated with false or stolen identities with the intent to extract classified information from both regular and reserve IDF soldiers, the paper reported.

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Hamas is now to resorting to “honeypots.” The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) has discovered Hamas has been using internet “honeypots” to lure in its soldiers and hack them.At least 30 people were arrested in an overnight sting on pedophiles operating online, police said Tuesday morning.