Dating friendz

11-Oct-2017 16:56

I had a tough-love therapist a while ago who frustrated me to no end. Slowly over time, as I’ve aged from a 22-year-old deer-in-headlights to an actual adult, I’ve started to understand what my therapist meant.

I’d complain about the behavior of men I was dating and most of the time her response was simply, “That’s because he is not your friend.” My response was always to sit back in my chair and stubbornly stare at the wall. In retrospect, it was the most important dating advice I’ve ever received. By the time I hit my late 20s, my outlook on dating had changed.

However, that’s exactly why you can’t stick with your uni friends forever. If you don’t take the opportunity to break out of your current friends’ circle, there’ll be no chance to gain new perspective.

A lot of fresh graduates suddenly realise how hard it is to arrange plans with multiple friends without using a Doodle poll.

But hey, that’s almost the beauty of starting anew.

The family spent one year in Ethiopia, and later spent time living in an Ashram in the US.

Her parents amicably divorced when she was 10 and she was raised by her father while her sister was raised by their mother (the family maintained connections after the divorce).

Tyler has devoted a significant amount of her time to independent projects, including a role in the play Moose Mating, for which she received an NAACP Image Award.

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