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29-Dec-2017 07:16

Here we go through a chronological journey and revisit the five Bangladesh victories over India.

We look at Bangladesh’s rise in International cricket through the prism of their rivalry against India.26 December 2004, Bangabandhu National Stadium, Dhaka – an upset This was India’s first full tour of Bangladesh.

Tamim Iqbal, the man-of-the-match in Bangladesh’s historic four-wicket win in the second Test match against Sri Lanka today, said the 259-run defeat in the first Test in Galle worked as an impetus for their win in Colombo.

“I think this win started when we lost the match in Galle,” Tamim elucidated when he spoke after the match.

The National Disaster Management Agency said buildings were damaged in Poso, a city to the southeast of the epicenter, and a number of houses and churches were damaged in nearby villages.

At least three villagers were hospitalised for head wounds, it said.

"The Franco-Canadian friendship has a new face," Macron tweeted after sitting down for talks with Trudeau and taking the now famous stroll.

"@Justin Trudeau, it's up to us to take on the challenges of our generation!

The reaction to the telegenic pair's encounter in the picturesque, hillside town of Taormina, immortalised by Macron himself who tweeted a video of their meeting, provided some light relief from a summit otherwise devoted to thorny issues such as climate change and the threat of extremism." "Sitting down with @Emmanuel Macron for the first time, talking jobs, security & climate -- looking forward to more conversations, my friend," Trudeau responded on Twitter, posting pictures of both smiling, shaking hands, and looking out over the Mediterranean, their dapper suit jackets billowing in the breeze.