Dating tips for men over 30

04-Nov-2017 18:54

More than 30 percent don’t even know where to begin and nearly 30 percent say they find it too stressful (think back to those sweaty palms and awkward conversations.) For more than 40 percent of respondents, other priorities are simply more important, and nearly one-quarter say it’s just too difficult to date when you’re 50-plus. That’s true whether you’re 16 or 56, but more than 40 percent don’t believe there is anyone “out there” to date.The guy who always wears suspenders, even with a belt. And, less unique but equally unvaried, there’s always the guy who just wears jeans and a non-descript shirt and sneakers whenever he’s not required to dress up. The quickest way to impress people with your look is to vary it.

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Not being open-minded Another common mistake is not being open to change.The more guys you meet, the more depressing it becomes as you see a pattern emerging.